Owens in Papua New Guinea
What Need Do We Have?
Personal, financial, prayer:
Partners. Teammates. We can't do this job alone. We need people to support us financially and with prayer. (Instructions on how to give are on the CONTACT page) We feel strongly that this is a team effort and would love to have you join the team! We are available for public presentations (when we are in the U.S.) and would love speaking engagements. We believe that as part of the team, you deserve quality and constant communication. We are excited about what God is doing and want to share that excitement with you! If you are interested, Want to learn more, have questions about what life in PNG is like, want to chat, have us come visit your church or small group, or are just curious...
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We need workers of every kind. We need audio technicians and network administrators. Helpdesk workers, IT team. Our school needs qualified teachers. The need is great, and the fewer workers there are, the harder we have to work individually and the more it costs to live here. There are many types of team members. Some GO, some SEND. If you are not willing to come to PNG, consider supporting us, or possibly giving us a chance to share in your church or small group. We love to share the many needs of the people in PNG.

for more up to the minute communication on current projects and needs check out
our blog.
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OUR PERSONAL GUARANTEE: If you decide to support us, we consider you a partner in this effort, and as such, we commit to keeping you informed, writing you, sending pictures and video, with up the day information so you no longer have to rely on quarterly newsletters. You will feel as if you are here with us if you join our team!